MySims SkyHeroes Demo Now Available On XBox Live Arcade

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New Demo Lets Players Experience the High-Speed Action in MySims SkyHeroes Before Launch on September 28, and Unlock and Play as MySims Versions of Popular EA Game Characters
In preparation for the launch of the newest MySims game on September 28th, players can get a taste of the thrill by downloading the ‘Pirates Cove’ map on Xbox Live Arcarde:

  • Play ‘Pirates Cove’ in either Quicklyplay or Multiplayer modes
  • Take to the skies with three classic MySims characters including Chaz, Derek and DJ Candy
  • Unlock MySims versions of Popular EA game characters as you play including Issac Clark from Dead Space
  • Choose between a race or dogfight with your opponents, and compete in local co-op or online multiplayer
  • Customize your planes by mixing and matching parts, then saving your creations

Also, be the first to check out Isaac Clark in action as a MySim!


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