ArcaniA-Gothic 4 Demo Released

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Remember, JoWood just recently announced that they will use SecuROM on this title. Whether or not it is included in this demo is unknown at present.

JoWooD Entertainment, Dreamcatcher Interactive and the BVT Group announce the release of the ArcaniA-Gothic 4 DEMO.

The official demo comprises the first two hours of the game and shows the beginning tutorial level on Feshyr Island featuring selected quests. As a shepherd, the new nameless hero is living on the Island in peace but dark clouds are coming over to Feshyr and now it`s time for the hero to come to terms with his fate.

ArcaniA-Gothic 4, the official successor of the famous Gothic series will be released on the 12th of October 2010.

Demo Download:

Download PC

Download World of Gothic

Download Gamespot

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