Warning: Playstation Network and FIFA 11 Contest Email Scam

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An email has begun circulating around the net that offers a chance to win an exclusive copy of FIFA 11 for the PS3. It is not in any way a legitimate email.

The text of the email reads:

Playstation Network and EA SPORTS give you the chance to win an exclusive copy of FIFA11 for PS3.
All you have to do is to join our last contest:

 Ten winners will be drawn randomly after the closing date of 18 October 2010.

If the link doesn’t work, copy this address in your browser:http://www.easports.us.tc
Good Luck,

© 2010 Playstation3. All rights reserved


You’ll notice that the Click here link goes to: http://playstationnetworkplus.110mb.com/ea/fifa/ and that the email was sent from playstation@playstationnetwork.8m.com

The page you’re taken to, shown below, is obviously meant to look official as well as capture your Playstation Network username and password so that they can steal your account.

Obviously, no legitimate page should ever ask for your password for any reason unless you are logging in. Be sure to pay attention so that you don’t lose control of your PSN and other accounts.

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