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No Heroes Allowed is the third game in the What Did I Do to Deserve This My Lord, series. They changed the name (whew!) and have added a list of new features to the upcoming title, which is set for a November release via Playstation Network.


On the gameplay side, they’ve included water and water-based life forms as well as a bunch of new pickaxes to choose from, from the Snoozerator to the Snacker Whacker – each with its own weird and wonderful special power. These new features add a new strategic dimension to the game and allow you to come up with your own unique play style.


They also worked on the difficulty level. After mixed feedback from fans regarding the difficulty of the last two games – some relished the challenge of the fiendish difficulty while others found it a bit too intense, they have expanded the game to offer three difficulty levels (n00b, Meh and l33t) so there’s a level of challenge for everyone.

They’ll also include a two-player mode. For the first time in the series you can team up and go dungeoneering with a friend using ad-hoc mode. It’s a whole new twist on the gameplay.

Now, it may seem at first glance that the main aim of the game is to defeat the pesky heroes who try to invade your dungeon. But actually, the underlying concept is about creating a “biotope”. To succeed, you need to create a healthy ecosystem by maintaining the right balance of monsters to support the dungeon food chain. Once you’ve done that, you have to make sure the delicate ecological balance isn’t disrupted by those annoying heroes.

In other words, it’s much like the real-life struggle between nature and human advancement – how we as humans are damaging the environment we live in. If everyone who plays our game reflects a little on this, the world will become a better place to live in, they say.


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