GodsWar Online: New Server Coming

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Just in time for Halloween, GodsWar Online team will be launching a new server named Aegean on October 14th EDT to celebrate.

On the new server, players will be able to claim cool rewards for every 10 levels achieved. They will also earn some rewards for staying online for certain amounts of time. To help celebrate the opening of Aegean, the GodsWar Online team will also hold a number of post-launch events between October 14th and October 21st.

Event I: Gift Bags for Level 70 Players
Every player character that hits level 70 during the event will win 3,000 B-Gold (used to buy items from the in-game Item Mall).

Event II: Gift Bags for the Top 3 Players in Each Class

There are 4 playable classes in GodsWar Online: Warrior, Champion, Mage and Priest. When the event ends, the top 3 players (by level) in each class will win the following rewards:

  • First Place: 5,000 B-Gold
  • Second Place: 4,000 B-Gold
  • Third Place: 3,000 B-Gold

Event III: Gift Bags for Members of the Top 5 Guilds
To claim these rewards, a guild must be among the top 5 in total EXP accrued by its members. The leaders of the winning guilds will receive additional rewards.

Top Guild Leader: 7,000 B-Gold
Second Best Guild Leader: 5,500 B-Gold
Third to Fifth Guild Leaders: 4,500 B-Gold
Members of the Top Five Guilds: [Food]*1, [Wine]*1, [Weapon]*1 and [Medicine]*1

Visit http://gw.igg.com to learn about GodsWar Online and upcoming events.

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