and Raptr Team Up For Zentia’s Open Beta

No Comment 53 Views Inc., today announced the beginning of the Zentia Open Beta and a new partnership with Raptr, the social platform that allows the community to connect in real-time across multiple gaming platforms. The joint partnership will provide Zentia players the opportunity to connect, compete, and build friendships via Raptr’s community while gaming. Zentia is a 3D free-to-play; charmingly hardcore MMORPG.

The and Raptr partnership will enable Zentia players to communicate directly with each other through in-game chat, discover new players with similar interests, and share game stats in real time. Zentia players can download the Raptr platform now and connect with their friends and guild members. Fan of Zentia can also use Raptr to see what games their friends are playing on PC, Xbox 360 or PS3, as well as chat live via various IM services such as Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, or AIM.

Raptr is also introducing an exclusive in-game item that is only available for Raptr users. The rare item is the Bamboo Horse prize. The Bamboo Horse prize is a fast mount that allows players to explore and travel the world of Zentia more quickly than other mounts. Details of the in-game item will be available at

For more information on Zentia, please visit:

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