Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Phu Bai Valley Info

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The Battlefield Blog posted episode 2 that looks at the upcoming Vietnam expansion for the game. This time round they looked at Phu Bai Valley.

What is the general design idea behind Phu Bai Valley?

-- It’s the classic, open battlefield. It was originally custom-built for the Conquest game mode, and it’s all about capturing and holding base A. B, and C. If you want to win at Phu Bai Valley, you need to use sound tactics in an environment where the enemy can attack from all directions. A good mix of kits and efficient communication within your squad are the keys to success..

Would you say that the focus is on infantry or vehicles in this map?

-- There are plenty of options if you like vehicles, with a number of armored vehicles, as well as helicopters. At the same time, the terrain is designed so that small infantry troops can move quickly between covers to get to mission critical areas.

What is the gameplay flow like on this map?

-- It’s ususally a battle for the essential A base, which gives a spawn point with a short distance to both base B and C. The problem is that base A does not have too many vehicles, so you need to keep pressing on in order not to be overrun. The gameplay usually looks a bit different depending if you’re on the US or the NVA side, since their home bases don’t have the exact same loadout.

* * *  P H U  B A I  V A L L E Y  M I L I T A R Y  I N T E L  * * *


US base starting hardware: 1 x heli / 2 x tanks / 2 x jeeps

Note: Only side with a heli, although the NVA have more armor.

US tactics tip: Hold base A while you capture base B, so you can instantly get your second helicopter up in the air. If you keep both helis flying, you will be able to defeat the NVA armor by air superiority.

NVA base starting hardware: 3 x tanks / 2 x jeeps

Note: Ample supply of armor -- you will need it to defend against the US chopper(s).

NVA tactics tip: Establish a strong foothold at either base B or C. That way you don’t have to start over from your home base every time you respawn. If you manage this, you will have the chance to use your armored vehicles to gain ground and push back the US side. Keep in mind that you can shoot down enemy helicopters with the machine gun mounted on top of your tank. Keep your tanks alive with engineers to defeat the air threat. Alternate, daredevil tactic: Steal the enemy choppers.

Just a quick recon over base B before the start of our Friday playtest.


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