Halloween on the Global Agenda

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To celebrate Halloween, from October 27th thru October 31st, Global Agenda will feature a specially themed Defense mission in the Raid queue. If you’re not familiar with Defense Raids, they are a 10-player PvE mission where players defend a facility from waves of incoming NPC attackers. Watch the 2 minute dev blog to learn more.

Halloween loot - A set of thirteen new Halloween-themed masks will be available as random drops from the bots in the Halloween mission, ranging in rarity and quality from Uncommon to Epic. Teams that successfully defeat the final boss will receive an additional guaranteed mask in addition to their normal mission rewards (Trick or Treat!).

The Seasonal items for Halloween will be wearable through the end of November.

Players are eligible to join the Raid queue at level 30, so don’t get left behind: Level up now!

Don’t have enough time? Buy a boost and get there twice as fast!

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