War Rock Clan Warfare Gains Zombie Mode

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Shortly after the war over Derbaran broke out, President Zaripov gave the green light on a new medical experiment. The meteor that Zaripov’s people claimed, had an interesting side effect to those exposed to it increasing strength and stamina. This lead to the creation of Project “War Rock”.

A key platoon, lead by General Razeem Chariot was ordered to submit to testing at the Blind Bullet laboratory. The testing proved arduous, killing most that were exposed to the meteor’s radiation. However, the few that survived exposure seemed to possess great strength with few side effects. As the scientists tried to determine the x-factor something unexpected occurred. The survivors began to go insane. Attacking any they came in contact with. In a few hours, those attacked would suffer the same affliction. Emergency break-out procedures were put into effect and the laboratory was put into lockdown.

The war has raged on with most forgetting this project, until now…

How to Play:

  • Login to War Rock.
  • When selecting a server, choose the Zombie Specific server. NOTE: Zombie Mode is NOT available on all servers!!!
  • Create or join a game on the Zombie Servers. Please note: There is only one channel, so you will not see CQC, Urban Ops, or Battlegroup.
  • Each game holds a maximum of 4 players. (It’s not advised to start a game without 4 players, as you will need all the help you can get to survive!)
  • Start the game.
  • When entering the game, you will have a few seconds to choose your class, decide where you want to run before the first wave starts.
  • Kill zombies!

Survival Tips!

  • Collect drops such as “Max Ammo” to instantly reload and top your ammo off, “Recovery” to instantly fully replenish your health, and “Respawn” to revive fallen teammates.
  • Shoot barrels when zombies are near them, to cause mayhem!
  • Refill your Ammo at the end of each wave near the Ammo station in the center of the ground floor (you’ll see this if you press “T” for map).
  • Recover your health if you need it at the end of a wave near the Medic Station in the Operation Room.
  • Watch out for the special zombie classes with abilities!
  • Use teamwork and stay with your teammates to increase your chances of survival.
  • Be prepared – high capacity magazine weapons are valuable! (Visit the Marketplace)
  • See if you can survive all 20 waves!


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