GodsWar Online: Winning Tips for the Wonderland Instance

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The Wonderland instance has earned a reputation for its challenging scenarios and splendid scenes in GodsWar Online. Very few groups have managed to make it all the way through, but is it really that tough to beat? Here are some tips gathered from those who have successfully explored Wonderland and lived to tell the tale.

Recommended Party Composition
Each Wonderland party can include a maximum of 5 players, and must have at least 1 Mage, 1 Priest and 1 Warrior. These requirements give you a solid foundation when assembling your team, because Mages are good at both dealing damage and protecting themselves, Priests excel at healing allies and Warriors are natural tanks. For the remaining 2 slots, good damage dealers are recommended. Mages and Champions are both good choices when you’re filling out a team.

Tips for Completing Each Scenario

The Wonderland instance consists of 8 scenarios. As you complete each scenario, they become increasingly difficult until you reach the end. These tips will help you advance through each challenge, but remember that every party has its own strengths and weaknesses when considering your strategies.

Scenario 1: Believe it or not, your greatest challenge in this scenario involves exploding chickens. They will run after any player that enters their agro radius, and then explode when the player stops moving, dealing a lot of damage. A single blast can even kill a player character with low health. To kill the chickens, have one player pull them while the others lie in wait, ready to cast powerful spells when the chickens get close enough but before they have a chance to attack. There are 3 waves of chickens in total. To save time, the player who pulled the chickens can wait where they respawn while the others pull the BOSS to the right corner and attack it. When the chickens respawn, the player should pull them toward the rest of the party.

Scenario 2:
There are two BOSSes in this scenario. Though they are not very tough, there are still some tricks that work best against them. First, have one player pull the BOSS at the right side to the leftmost area while the other 4 players attack the BOSS on the left side. The BOSS on the right side is guarded by 2 very difficult guards, and pulling it in that direction separates it from the guards. Once clear of the guards, the player should pull the BOSS to where the others are so the party can attack both BOSSes at the same time using area of effect attacks.

Scenario 3: Many players have said they were surprised by how quickly they were killed when they attacked the monsters in this scenario. As it turns out, fighting isn’t the best tactic against these difficult opponents. Instead, the party should attempt to tame them using certain items that will help pacify these dangerous creatures.

Scenario 4: The Warrior plays a vital role, because the BOSS in this scenario is very tough, and only a Warrior can survive long, especially while under the protection of the Holy Ward effect. The Warrior can also combine with their pet to augment their stats. While the Warrior mainly acts as a tank and the Priest concentrates on healing the Warrior, the others focus on dealing damage. With the proper teamwork, the BOSS will soon fall.

Scenarios 5, 6 and 7: Success in these scenarios often comes down to pure strength, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore tactics altogether. In the 5th scenario, pulling the BOSS to the right side so friendly NPCs can help will save the party some time. In the 7th scenario, the BOSS is protected by 2 turrets, so pulling it away from the turrets will reduce the damage the party must withstand.

Scenario 8: There are 4 BOSSes in this scenario. While the first 3 aren’t so hard to defeat, many teams have failed against the last BOSS no matter how strong they were. Knowledge is power this time around, because the BOSS is guarding an angel that is its true master and the key to this battle. The angel is very weak, so all it takes is a little work to defeat it and pass your final challenge.

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