Paradox and Neocore Sign Lengthy Exclusive Agreement

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Here I thought they were already intimately interwoven and it seems they were but weren’t in a monogamous relationship, which they are now.

The deal includes previously released titles as well as several unannounced future projects. Paradox Interactive and Neocore first joined forces on the recently released tactical wargame Lionheart - Kings’ Crusade. This new deal accomplishes the objective of extending this fruitful relationship for many years to come.

 “As a developer, Neocore embodies all of the qualities and attitude we have built our company upon," said Fredrik Wester, CEO Paradox Interactive. "With a fraction of the budget and manpower of most AAA titles, they have managed to fuse their passion, dedication and skill into something gamers and critics alike hail as truly fantastic. We are proud and excited about this deal and all the opportunities that lie ahead," he continued.  

"Throughout my career I’ve worked with many publishers, but Paradox’s support as a publisher is second-to-none," noted Tamás Farkas, CEO of Neocore. "They truly understand the dynamics of the games industry and have the patience and knowledge to bring deep, engaging games to market."

The next Paradox/ Neocore title scheduled for release is King Arthur - The Druids. This expansion is the twin of King Arthur - The Saxons, offering a wide array of new content (i.e. beasts and other monsters) as well as a brand new campaign. Play the ”other side” and assume the role of King Ryons the Arch Druids of Wales and conquer Britannia for the Old Faith.

In addition to Lionheart – Kings’ Crusade, the following previously released titles are now under the Paradox publishing wing: 

  • King Arthur – The Role-playing Wargame
  • King Arthur: Legendary Artifacts (DLC)
  • King Arthur: Knights and Vassals (DLC)
  • King Arthur - The Saxons (Expansion)
  • Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come

Also be sure to check out the GDN reviews of both King Arthur and Lionheart as well as our new series of Lionheart Kings’ Crusade strategy tips right from developer Neocore games.

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