Tales of Pirates II Halloween Events

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Trick or treat, seadogs! Aye, it’s that time of year again, when pirates delight in fright and mix horror with humor. Halloween is here, and Tales of Pirates II has some awesome events lined up for the game’s peg-legs. Find the Mystery Merchant to grab some goodies and then get ready to party with the GM for a shot at spooktacular prizes. It’s wicked fun in ToP II style and you’re invited!

The Mystery Merchant

The shrewd and sneaky Mystery Merchant has a good head for business. During the week leading up to Halloween, he’ll be popping up in random spots with a myriad of weird and wondrous wares specially prepared for the occasion. Browse his selection of wacky goods, such as a Pumpkin Mask, Pumpkin Knight Cards, and more. These items ain’t just for fun, me hearties, for you’ll need them to get the most out of the fantastic festivities. Track down the Mystery Merchant for your ticket to an amazing Halloween next week!

GM Shopaholic

If you’ve got some Pumpkin Knight Cards, matey, then you’ll be gettin’ yerself some treasure this Halloween! The ToP II GM is an avid collector and wants to buy those cards from any pirates who have them. If you wear a Pumpkin Mask when you set up a stall to sell your cards, he’s going to offer even crazier prices to add them to his collection, so remember to get a mask when you stock up on cards from the Mystery Merchant.

A Crew of Copycats

On Halloween itself, the GM will join the pirates in their merrymaking at each of the main cities in ToP II and he’ll be wearing his favorite Pumpkin Mask. Don’t forget to take a picture with him. After all, it’s not every day that you’ll see him with a jack-o’-lantern for a head! In fact, this mischievous GM is quite the attention hound and he wants everyone to join in the fun. If you snap some shots of the GM with more than 10 players (yourself included) mimicking his actions at the same time, post them on the forum to share the fun with the community. The best shutterbugs will earn some great rewards, including special gear for the top 5 posters.

Visit the official Tales of Pirates II site at http://top2.igg.com to learn about the game.

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