Alliance of Valiant Arms Demolishes 25 Map Barrier

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What better way to celebrate a major milestone than to blow it up? Alliance of Valiant Arms adds its 25th map this week with the explosive Showdown, a new area playable in Demolition mode. The lightning-fast Unreal Engine 3-powered multiplayer online first person shooter (MOFPS) casts players as European Union (EU) or Neo-Russian Federation (NRF) soldiers and the latest update has the EU infiltrating an NRF explosives facility in an attempt to destroy it.

Players can equip new weapons, offered by, to help them meet the challenge, including:

  • M14EBR - A powerful, modern update to the classic M14 assault rifle, available for the Rifle Man character class
  • Kriss Super V - Based on the most powerful gun in the world, this special SMG is available for the Point Man Class with reduced kickback to increase accuracy


To join the exciting action in Alliance of Valiant Arms, players can enlist for free at

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