Mythos to Offer Achievement System

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The forthcoming Hack`n`Slash MMO Mythos is soon to  go online with its extensive achievement system. The collectors out there will be well catered  for, but the system offers much more, including bonus features not  usually  associated with this genre, which will have a direct influence on the game. Mythos is not only the first ever Hack`n`Slash MMO, but also the first to include an achievement system of this type.

Achievements are rewards that players receive for completing quests and missions they can collect and upgrade their character attributes. The hundreds of available achievements are ordered into various categories such as Quests, Relics, Hunt, Crafting, or PvP, each conferring a player attribute bonus, such as stamina or movement speed. Each achievement attained can be placed into one of six slots in the achievement system. Doing so activates the attribute bonuses which then have an immediate effect on a character’s capabilities. The rewards placed in the first slot becomes a title which is displayed in front of the character’s name. For example, if a player receives the title ’Heavy Drinker’, they will receive a health bonus after consuming the required amount of potions  having activated the achievement slot. Another possible reward is ’Messenger of Death’ which can be attained by defeating a certain number of players.

How players choose to place their achievements is up to them and the order can be altered at any time. This means players can adapt their characters to any situation in an instant.


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