Mission Against Terror 1000 SubaPoint Giveaway

Posted by GDN Ghouls and Ghosts, Oct 31, 2010 09:46

LIMITED TIME OFFER!  The time has arrived for all you FPS players our there to get something back from all your time. Selected newcomers to Mission Against Terror will be able to take advantage of this limited promotion.  New players will be able to sign up for a MAT account and redeem a promotion code worth 1,000 Suba Points!  With 1,000 Suba Points you can get access to some pretty cool items like the Nightfall Police Uniform and the Desert Eagle!  Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!! Get your key now!

 How to Redeem your Gift Key:

  1. Get your key in email (above).
  2. Visit Suba Games’ MAT homepage to register an account.
  3. Enter the Gift Key in the redemption box (The Suba Points will be automatically added to your account)
  4. Download and Install the client, open the game and get started!

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