First European Video Game Museum Headed for Rome

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The Italian Videogame Developer Conference (IVDC) 2010, held at the LUISS University in Rome on the 3rd-4th December will play host to the unveiling of one of Europe’s most ambitious videogame projects to date.

ViGaMus, an abbreviation of Video Games Museum, will be the first Museum outside of Japan and the United States focused purely on the videogame medium. ViGaMus is scheduled for completion in 2011 and will be situated near the beautiful Piazza Mazzini in the centre of Rome.

Marco Accordi Rickards, President of the IVDC and Director of AIOMI staid, “ViGaMus is the first of a raft of ambitious projects which sees the Italian Videogames industry, Italian government and private investors working closely together towards a common goal. Building enterprise, skill sets and inspiration into the Italian videogames industry, ViGaMus sends a message to the world that Italy is confident, innovative and open for business.”

ViGaMus will not only focus on the beginnings of worldwide videogame culture, but will also showcase current trends and games, and look toward the future with exhibitions and seminars on new videogame directions and technologies.

Raoul Carbone, President of the Italian Videogame Developer association (IVD) said, “Italy is quickly becoming one of the biggest consumers of videogame products and this trend shows no sign of abatting. We’re also seeing many aspring Italian videogames companies being established and developing new and radical ideas which, in many ways, help create the next steps for the industry. ViGaMus represents where Italy is now and our ambitions for the future. Italy is beginning to make its mark.”

The announcement and presentation at the IVDC in December will be made by project leader Jason Della Rocca and will feature the premiere of the new ViGaMus film illustrating the full extent of the project and its hopes for the future.

Marco concludes; “Overall, the ViGaMus project is a clear indication of Italy’s ambition within the videogames industry. We need good and great ideas for the industry to move forward and projects such as ViGaMus will work very well to help provide the necessary inspiration.”

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