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Tabula Digita, leading developer of educational software created to engage and motivate students to learn and have fun at the same time, announced today that students will now be able to practice their math skills at home. 

To date, DimensionU, the award-winning, game-based learning solution which has proven to increase math skills, test scores and overall interest in the subject, has only been available in schools.  DimensionU can be found in 1,200 elementary, middle and high schools in 40 districts reaching 200,000 students across the country.  Starting on November 1, 2010 through May 1, 2011, young people will be able to download a special tournament version of the DimensionU learning system for math for FREE so they can participate in the U Games National Scholarship Tournament. 

The U Games will allow kids to polish their math proficiency as they compete for $60,000 in scholarship money and more than 1,000 prizes including an iPod Touch, 32” LCD TV and Razor Electric Bike, just to name a few.  The 6 month virtual tournament will allow students to compete against their peers across the country while at the same time reinforcing their prime numbers, fractions and complex equations which are aligned with standard math concepts and curriculums used nationally. 

The U Games will be open to elementary and middle school students (grades 3-8) across the United States.  Students will be able to compete against their friends and other students around the country for more than 1,000 prizes which will be handed out at the end of each round and ultimately the chance to come to New York City for a live final competition.  The competition consists of twelve rounds so students can join at any time even if they did not participate in one of the earlier rounds. 

Scores will be computed based on game play skills but also on strategy and academic performance.  At the end of the virtual tournament, the top ten from each round for a total of 240 students (120 from elementary and 120 from middle school) will be invited to attend the live U Games Tournament finals which will be held at Columbia University on May 21, 2011.  The middle school winner of the live competition will receive a $50,000 scholarship to be used towards the child’s tertiary education plus $1,000 cash to spend on whatever they want now and the elementary school winner of the live competition will receive a $10,000 scholarship and a family vacation to enjoy now. 

In order to register for the U Games, students must have their parent’s permission and a computer that meets minimum system requirements which are detailed on the website (Note: DimensionM works on most computers that are less than 6 years old).  Software can be downloaded www.DimensionU.com

“Since we began rolling out DimensionU to schools - parents, teachers, administrators and students have been begging for a home version of the game so the kids can get additional practice time outside of the classroom.  We’re ecstatic that it’s finally here and we’re eager to kick-off the launch with a nationwide tournament.  We’ve done a few local live tournaments in partnership with school districts in the past and the level of excitement is unbelievable.  I’m thrilled to ramp it up and take it nationwide as we have clearly seen evidence that competitions generate student engagement and motivation which leads to greater achievement and confidence,” stated Nt Etuk, founder and CEO of Tabula Digita.

Numerous statistical studies completed on the company’s products by independent universities and other organizations have demonstrated test score increases averaging 20% and more.  Following are some highlights: 

  • A University of Central Florida study found that students who played the games demonstrated greater gain scores from pre-test to post-test (mean increase of 8.07) than students who did not play the game (mean increase of 3.74);
  • A Broward County Study showed an average pre-post test improvement was 82.7% and 75% of students who used DimensionM received a passing grade in the course versus 35.5% of students who did not use DimensionM; and
  • A Pender County study conducted by UNC Wilmington looked at the effects of DimensionM on 500 rural middle school students where only 63.1% of students were either at or above grade level on state-mandated testing.  The study found that mean score increased from 46% on the pre-test to 63% on the post-test. 

Additionally, Tabula Digita has won a number of awards including the prestigious CoDIE award for Best Educational Game or Simulation and the Macworld Eddy Award, just to name a few. The company has also developed significant relationships with Pearson, the world’s largest textbook publisher, and Dell, both of which distribute the company’s software. 


Once the U Games are complete, DimensionU Games will be available at home starting at $19.95 for a 6 month subscription and students will be able to continue to reinforce and practice their math and literacy skills and compete in ongoing weekly virtual tournaments for prizes as well as future national and regional events.   


The DimensionU family includes educational games that allow students to practice their math and literacy skills and history and science will soon be added to the suite.

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