Playstation Home Updated to v1.4

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PS Home client update 1.4 will be released during maintenance next Thursday, 11th November. Once maintenance is complete, you’ll be able to update your client and begin enjoying new ways of experiencing PS Home. We’ll release a full rundown of new and revised features next week, however today we wanted to share with you those we find most exciting and know you’ve all been waiting for.

PlayStation Home

Wardrobe Improvements

Clearly, this has been one of the most requested areas for improvement of the PS Home experience for some time. Especially in recent weeks, we’ve seen numerous calls for improvements to the wardrobe. I’ve had to bite my virtual tongue for some time as the development team has been busy working away on bringing sweeping improvements to the wardrobe for 1.4, including the following:

  • The ability to mark items you use commonly as “Favourite” items – making them easier to relocate.
  • Newly acquired items will be marked to make them easy to locate. This marking will also appear on categories that contain new items.
  • Options for filtering and sorting items have been added, giving you more control over which items you see and how you see them.

Most importantly, however, there is a new “Storage” section added to the wardrobe where you can place rarely used items. For those with a lot of items in their wardrobe, placing items into storage will result in your wardrobe loading faster, and make it easier for you to browse your main wardrobe. Items placed in storage can be quickly restored to your main wardrobe should you need them.

New Group Feature and Chat Improvements

The new Group feature will allow up to 8 people to join together in a group. Groups have dedicated voice and chat channels that work regardless of where in Home each group member is located. New voice and chat channels will also be made available for clubs, making communication with your club friends much easier.

At this point, I suspect you’ve noticed my use of the phrase “voice chat” and stopped reading anything else. That’s right: 1.4 is expanding your voice chat options. Both the Group and Club chat channels will have access to voice chat, making it easy for you to chat up a storm with your friends no matter where you are in Home, or what you are doing at the time. Me personally, I think the Group voice chat is just perfect for trash talking during a hand of Brimstone Poker or a frame of Pool…

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