Nvidia Shows Off Unreleased Technology, Call of Duty Black Ops at PDX LAN 16.5

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Can you guess what Nvidia is talking about?

Tonight at Pdxlan 16.5 we got some privileged information about an "Unreleased Technology". Tom Peterson from Nvidia was very evasive about any specific details, but many people watching news coming from the Nvidia camp lately can make their own assumptions about what was being shown.  The presentation was full of information and fun, and of course the excitement shown by the crowd was at an all-time high as Tom began his presentation while also showering the crowd with prizes from shirts and games up to the highly desired GTX 460 Video cards. 

Tom began his presentation by stating he can’t announce a new product but can announce some new unreleased technology, saying this is the first time this graphics card has been seen in public and is being touted as the fastest DX 11 card on the planet.  The features of the unreleased technology include new adaptive gpu fan control, SLI optimized fan control, external venting and vapor chamber cooling design. Also noted in the presentation was the silence of the card itself, quieter than the gtx 480 and gtx 285.  In fact two cards in SLI were like a whisper that you couldn’t even hear, I was sitting next to the machine, and couldn’t even tell they were running, despite the fact they were running at full load on the UniGine Heaven benchmark.

Tom also announced some upcoming software demo’s/benchmarks coming from Nvidia’s own team with some spectacular features, amongst these was the half million light source demo called Endless City that we’ve shown preview videos from in earlier posts. Endless city can calculate the real geometry of over 3 billion polygons, making the light and shadows the most realistic and accurate.  One new Demo announced was called Aliens vs Triangles, showing some impressive features of Nvidia’s tessellation and the ability to dynamically and alter the tessellation displacement maps with complex algorithms. “Multi-Layer Tessellation” from Nvidia  was showcased by allowing the features of infecting the alien with a scaly disease, turning it into a soldier, and zapping it with lasers to remove and dissolve flesh, it was absolutely amazing, even more amazing was the fact you could do it simultaneously.

I’m sure we will all be looking forward to more announcements from the Nvidia camp. For those that want to watch the video’s in action Nvidia has posted a trimmed version of the presentation on YouTube here.

We have more lengthy videos (over 10 minutes of gameplay) here:

NVIDIA Call of Duty: Black Ops Demo PDXLAN 16.5 Part 1 of 2

NVIDIA Call of Duty: Black Ops Demo PDXLAN 16.5 Part 2 of 2

This is the first time that the NVIDIA optimized PC gameplay is being shown publicly.

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