Major expansion to a classic online RPG MUD Alter Aeon

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What? MUDs are still around? What?! You don’t know what a MUD is?! MUD stands for multi-user dungeons and were the forerunners of today’s MMOs. They were text-based RPG and adventures which drew heavily from pen and paper games like Dungeons & Dragons and forged an entire industry of multiplayer online RPGs. They sprung up way back when we used modems to connect to bulletin board systems (BBS) and it was all text or text with some ANSI graphics. They date back to the mid-70’s. I got into them around 1980 or so.

Dentinmud Internet Services announces a major expansion to its flagship game designed for the blind and sighted, Alter Aeon (

By adding new features such as undead armies and demon summoning, the new Necromancer class dramatically expands the options and abilities available to players.

Combining the features of this expansion with the previously existing classes gives players an unprecedented number of new ways to investigate and play the game. The Necromancers don’t just summon demons and raise undead armies. They also have new dark magic and spirit abilities and can use dragon teeth as powerful spell components.
High-level necromancers can create and manage many minions at once.

"This is one of the biggest expansions in Alter Aeon history," says Alter Aeon creator Dennis Towne. "We explicitly designed the additions to complement and enhance the previous skills and spells, without compromising ease of play or obsoleting existing characters. Above all, we’ve maintained the great accessibility that our visually impaired players rely on."

About Alter Aeon:
Alter Aeon has been under active development for more than 15 years.
Alter Aeon began as a multiplayer text game in early 1995. In the late 1990’s, the blind and visually impaired began to access the internet using screen reader software; as a text-based game, Alter Aeon was well suited to this crowd. Since the year 2000, there have been many updates to reduce barriers and improve the gaming experience for both blind and sighted players, with the development of a custom MUD client and player-contributed sound packs.

MUD client downloads:
Linux/Mac and other windows alternatives:

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