Nvidia Announces Geforce.com Beta Site

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Nvidia is launching GeForce.com, a one-stop destination for GeForce users to help them get the most from their GPU with three main functionalities in mind:

  • Make it easy to pick in-game settings
  • Connect GeForce users with great content
  • Create a community for GeForce users

The site’s first purpose is to help users find the correct combination of settings for their system, to get the most of the current game they are playing. It includes a handy autodetect feature to identify your GPU and a chart for each game listed even telling you what average FPS you should/will be getting for different types of configurations for the game. Currently supported in the beta are over 10 GPU’s, 17 games and 3 different resolution settings, for a combined total of 510 optimal playing settings.

The second purpose of the site is to connect users with great content, including overviews, system requirements, screenshots, trailers, and videos of different games and content, with a easy to navigate interface, including the option to search by technology used whether it be SLI, 3D Vison or Physx. It even has overviews of the different technologies and demo’s for those that may be unfamiliar with certain terms and want to see examples or get an explanation.

The third and final purpose of the new site is to create a community of Geforce users, this area includes Nvidia and industry news, including reviews from your favorite review sites (like GamersDailyNews) and also has forum sections for discussion on each of their released cards, and technologies (such as 3D vision, physX and drivers.)

Nvidia has also announced a new community manager “Kristopher Rey” whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Pdxlan 16.5, he brings a lot of spirit to the position, and I look forward to more good things to come.

The public beta goes live on November 9th to coincide with release of their new GTX 580 video cards and can be found at http://beta.geforce.com

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