Oakley, Gucci, Calvin Klein – 3D Glasses Become Cool

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No matter if you are going to the theates to see the latest James Cameron extravaganza or sitting at home to watch a 3D Blu-ray or play a 3D game on Playstation 3 or PC, you can do it all in style as high fashion meets high technology.Gucci 3D glasses

Gucci and Calvin Klein already popped off some cool new takes on 3D glasses, not that you’d be wearing them while out in the park or driving, but hey, it’s important to know that when you go to your local 3D movie theater you can say, "Pffft! I don’t need your rentals, I’ve got my Gucci 3Ds," or "no thanks, CK’s got my back."

But CK and Gucci aren’t really what I would associate with gaming 3D wear. Now Oakley on the other hand, there’s a name brand I can get down with in regards to my gaming gear. Of course we’re going to pay a premium on all this high-tech fashion. The Gucci’s run about $225 while the CK are $180.

Oakley, just a mere 120 clameroos and they’re based on the Oakley Gascans.

Now they won’t function everywhere, certainly they won’t make those flat people you know pop out any more... oh, and they won’t work on IMAX and Dolby 3-D Digital Cinema screens. In fact the company even says that they’re not really made for outdoorsy stuff.

Oh and Oakley...yeah, they mixed up their 3D with TRON. How’s that for marketing pop? Of course, the TRON 3D Gascans are $150. Gotta pay those licensing fees.

Check out the standard 3D Gascans, and the TRON 3D Gascans below. Click the images if you’re interested in ordering from Oakley.

Black, White or TRON!

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