Lineage: Tikal and Antharas Update

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NCsoft is proud to release “Tikal and Antharas,” the latest update to Lineage, the franchise that defined a generation of MMO players around the world. Celebrating nine-years of content growth in North America, the launch of “Tikal and Antharas” delivers extended storylines, new areas to explore, new dungeons to conquer and new monsters and bosses to encounter along the way. NCsoft has expanded the Lineage franchise with numerous updates during the last nine years, including the recently launched Season 3 that continued this trend with new classes, new starting experiences and North American-specific Ruleset.

 This latest Lineage update continues the story that Season 3 kicked off with “Crack of Time,” providing prominent additions including:

·         A completely new Crack of Time Dungeon – Tikal

    • New map, new monsters and new bosses that provide server-wide buffs upon defeat

    • Continuing the themes that started with Season 3, the new Tikal dungeon becomes available when the Crack of Time portal opens up.

·         A complete revamp of the Giran Dungeon into the Giran Prison

  • Antharas Dungeon hiding the great dragon Antharas within whose defeat will unlock an entire new, timed zone that is ripe with monsters to slay and items to earn.

  • Continued refinements to the North American Ruleset for a superior leveling and game experience.

 In addition to all this new content, fans returning to the franchise can play for free during Lineage’s first ever reactivation campaign kicking off November 10 through November 24. Players with accounts in good standing can jump back into the game that has helped shape the genre of MMOs, absolutely for free.

 Packed with a decade’s worth of content, the worldwide Lineage franchise has stood the test of time as an acclaimed international hit among MMO fans by consistently delivering new content to players, and the Season 3 “Tikal and Antharas” update is no exception.

 For more information about Lineage and the Season 3 “Tikal and Antharas” update as well as how to participate in the free reactivation campaign, please visit

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