The Weaponry of Legend of Martial Arts

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In keeping with the slogan “Charmingly casual, hellishly hardcore,” Legend of Martial Arts’ weaponry is a duality of sorts. On one hand, you have your standard Swords, Staves, Spears, and Axes. For traditionalist MMO players, this would certainly be welcome news. But if you’re the type to look for something a little different in the MMO’s you play, LOMA has you covered with a vast assortment of non-traditional weaponry—from household items (spoons, brooms, and wrenches), to hobby items (tennis racquets, guitars), to the just plain unusual (loaves of bread, pens, and turnips). Certainly, with a variety like this, no warrior, whether serious or light-hearted, will find himself wanting for a better suited instrument of death.





But obtaining that perfect weapon is, of course, only the first step, as any seasoned veteran can tell you. LOMA has a deep refining system by which you’ll be upgrading your weapon itself, as well as an equally important socketing system, whereby players will be able to add either gems or special “mosaics” to unlock special buffs within their weapon of choice.


So stay tuned as they continue to release more information about Legend of Martial Arts as they march closer and closer to November 24th, the beginning of Closed Beta!

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