Faxion Online Class Ability Details

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UTV True Games announced that their  MMORPG, Faxion Online, will feature a wide range of original abilities as a core element of combat and class advancement.  In the epic battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell, players will be granted access to abilities regardless of class choice and will be able to strengthen these abilities both on- and offline.  Faxion Online is expected to enter public testing stages in late 2010, and players can visit www.FaxionOnline.com for all the latest details.

Faxion Online transports players to the timeless and diverse plane of Limbo where they must choose sides in the struggle for Angelic or Infernal dominance of the mortal worlds.  This Player-versus-Player focused MMORPG provides players the opportunity to specialize to their preferred play style by learning and mastering abilities of their choosing.  While attaining new abilities will be closely related to traditional level gain, improvements to existing skills will be earned through ranks granted through training over time.  Players will not need to be logged in to Faxion Online to receive this training.

"We want to ensure an uncomplicated ability system that allows players to queue up training to master the abilities they love while learning new abilities to either specialize their play style or broaden the skill set of their character," said Mike Madden, Creative Director at UTV True Games.  "Faxion Online players can expect ease of entry and the opportunity for character advancement whether the player is online or offline."

In the screenshots revealed today, the Faxion Online team has featured Shockwave which releases a sphere of Force energy, knocking back nearby opponents and dealing damage.  The Tribunal ability is also showcased, allowing the player to flourish their weapon and strike all enemies in range of the attack.  Legion, a Hell faction ability, is also included, depicting the chaotic effects of a demonic contagion that sends evil spirits into the victim and any other enemy target standing too close.

Faxion Online will feature approximately 50 abilities per class at launch, allowing for thousands of combat options for the dedicated single-class specialist and the clever multi-classer.  Individual abilities will grow in power as they gain ranks over time, though this can be sped-up through micro-transactions.  Some abilities and ranks will be limited by the character’s overall level to ensure that each player can have an advantage - but never a guaranteed victory - over another.

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