Breach Full Weapons List for Launch

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Breach introduces weapons that are rarely, if ever, seen in other games such as the IAR, the Infantry Automatic Rifle, is the future weapon of the automatic rifleman. Designed to improve maneuverability and speed, it is set to replace the M240 as the default light machine gun of the USMC.  For those looking for closer forepower the Saiga-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun, which allows users to fire multiple shotgun rounds without manually reloading. Based on the AK platform, it is extremely reliable and can be customized with a wide variety of optics.

As a first of its kind, the Adaptive Combat RifleTM (ACRTM) redefines modularity, can fire multiple calibers with a quick change, and has a free-floating top rail for accuracy and to mount a variety of optics.    For those looking for long range, the TPG-1TM is a modular high precision rifle designed for special military and law enforcement operations. It uses a box magazine feed system and has a rail system that allows for multiple optic configurations. 

Breach Full Weapons List

  • M4A1    
  • HK 416   
  • ACR   
  • M60   
  • M240   
  • IAR   
  • ACR
  • TPG-1   
  • M107-A   
  • M1014   
  • MP5   
  • Saiga - 12     
  • AK-103   
  • SEAL Recon Rifle   
  • MK 14 EBR   
  • HK USP .45   
  • M67 Frag Grenade   
  • M18 Smoke Grenade   
  • Breach Charge   
  • M203   

Breach is unlike any other current game on the market. It is about using cover and denying its use to the enemy, allowing for the true element of surprise and the ability to use real world tactics in a virtual environment.    Breach combines destruction, active cover and real-world weapons and gadgets all in a package that costs less than $20.00 USD. 

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