VIP Map Pack 7: Harvest Day Details

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Harvest Day is -- together with Oasis -- one of the most loved multiplayer maps from Battlefield: Bad Company. Back then, it was hugely popular due to its variety of vehicles and alternatives of play styles. This new and remastered version for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is no different. "Harvest Day 2.0" features heavy tanks, CAV’s, and fast quads to get around this large-scale map.

Agricultural aggression on wildly popular Harvest Day. Soon available in BC2 multiplayer for the first time.

It’s a very vehicle oriented map, with focused hotspots for tight infantry battles. This map can be played with all four gameplay modes, but is at its heart a big Conquest map with 4 cappable flags. We decided to go with a four flags diamond-shaped setup in order to make use of the entire map. We kept the same layout and size of the original BC1 level, and of course made use of Destruction 2.0 and all of the other improvements in our game engine since the first Bad Company.

Rush mode starts with a clash between heavy tanks in the open fields. Later on, the action switches to more infantry focused gameplay through the last bases inside the village. Squad Deathmatch and Squad Rush take place exclusively in the village area, where players can make the best out of the numerous destructible buildings and the height difference that the village is displaying.

And there you have it! By now you should have a good idea of all four maps in VIP Map Pack 7. As always, the map pack is free for PC and VIP players. Stay tuned for more info.

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