Kung Fu Live Set to First Week of December

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Normally when a game gets a release date, we just update the database. But you see Kung Fu LIVE is different.

Kung Fu LIVE is so awesome that you will totally want it once you see it or play it. It’s completely controllerless action on the Playstation 3. It’s not made by Sony and it does things that even Sony didn’t manage with their PS Move and Playstation Eye. There is no silly magic wand-like controller with a big glowing ball. In fact, it’s very Kinect-like in its approach yet, it only uses a single camera.

Release Date on Playstation Network:

  • US - December 7th
  • EU - December 8th

First off, remember, you’re going to need the PlayStation Eye camera in order to play Kung-Fu LIVE. You will also need a SIXAXIS or DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller for some menu selection, and you can use up to four controllers to get your friends in on the five player multiplayer that pits one brave on-screen fighter against the rest of the players in the room.

Kung-Fu Live Kung-Fu Live

The other thing you’ll need is a little bit of space. Remember, Kung-Fu LIVE is unlike any other game to come before it on a home gaming system. You’ll need about 7×9 ft or 2.5/3m of space to play comfortably if you’re more of an extreme fighter. Think of it like setting up a virtual ninja fighting amusement park ride in your house! Our FreeMotion technology will need to track your entire body in plain view, so you’ll also want to turn on those lights to get ready for action. That and, oh yes, you’ll want to stretch before playing to prevent aching muscles afterwards.

No joke. Check out the videos of Shane and Thomas playing the game from the video link above.

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