Conquer Online – Monk Class Spotlight

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Monk, the most anticipated class of Conquer Online’s new expansion, the Retuning Light, is arriving in game on Dec. 16th, 2010.

Now that the holy class has already been revealed, this time we will give you a brief introduction of the mysterious class’ mighty skills. Including videos of them action!

Conquer Online is published by renowned Chinese-based online games publisher TQ Digital -

Monk’s Combat Skills(Kung Fu)

Whirlwind Kick
Send a spinning whirlwind outwards from the caster to strike targets within a certain range. Targets are not able to move when hit! Effective against flying targets, even a flying archer.

Radiant Palm
Like a furious tiger, it attacks all targets within 4 paces in a row. Inflict great damage on each target.

Triple Attack
This is a unique skill for Monks and Saints. The user has chance to attack 3 times in a row on monsters and against other players.

Monk’s Magical Skills (Chi Kung)

Monk’s special healing spell that dispels all adverse status effects on teammates.


Fend Aura/ Tyrant Aura
Fend Aura - Add Critical Strike immunity to team members.
Tyrant Aura - Increases the chance of Critical Strike for team members.

Fend Aura/ Tyrant Aura

Soul Shackle
This incredibly cool skill will immobilizes the soul of a dead opponent and prevents reviving for 60 seconds.

Soul Shackle

More Monk’s Skills

The Returning Light Public Test Realm has already been open. The beta will last from Nov. 18th to Nov. 25th. So hurry up if you want to come and experience the super cool Monk Class in Conquer Online!

Conquer Online Features

6 Unique Playable Classes

  • Monk – New!
  • Ninja
  • Archer
  • Trojan
  • Warrior
  • Taoist

Conquer Online boasts a fast-paced and easy to understand PK-centered style of gameplay. The game offers players a broad range of interactive PVP/ PK platforms, including various solo, group, and even inter-server PK events!

In the world of Conquer, Rebirth is like a continuation of your life, without the pesky dying part! Your character is born again as a new class and profession, which leaves you free to continue your training to achieve perfection! Reborn characters are much more powerful than newborns, with more Battle Power, more abilities, better skills and a more striking appearance!

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