Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny Release Extended, That Means Delayed

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DreamCatcher Games and JoWooD Group have extended the release date of SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny to January of 2011.

Game Overview:
Four years have passed since the Shaper’s defeat through the use of Archfire. During that time scientists, dragons and inventors have tried to find to counter the mysterious deterioration of the portals - in vain. The portal network has now totally collapsed and the islands are cut off from one another. The dragons and the Shaikan act as the only connection between the races, but even their resources are limited.

Now, with the nations isolated from one another, a new nameless enemy strikes. Eo is completely at the mercy of the attackers ascending from demonic depths. In the midst of this chaos a new hero appears. To discover his destiny our hero must acquire new skills and do battle with enemies new and old. But wherever he goes - the Nameless always seem to be a step ahead, and futile battles break out in which the hero holds the destiny of all of Eo in his hands.


Shaikan: The main character of the game is a Shaikan, whose disturbing dreams puzzle himself and his allies. A dark secret somehow links him to the Nameless, which he himself cannot perceive. Where do those new abilities come from? And why does everybody talk about his destiny?

Antara: She is the loyal friend of the main hero and his constant companion. Even though she tends to be a little grumpy, in battle she’s always alert and ready for action.

Caine: The hunter of the Abyss is back. Unbroken in his might, accompanied by his new protégé Sariel. His knowledge of demons and his cool intrepidness are a valuable addition to the group

Sariel: Catlike in her appearance and her behaviour, she remains a mystery. What she lacks in experience, she compensates for with agility, dexterity and great compassion.

Io: The Elf reluctantly joins the group. Atonement is her motivation, vengeance her incentive. Her bow drives fear into her enemies.

Professor Twiddle: Ingenious and sometimes a little scatterbrained, Professor Twiddle is once again part of the team and his invention could be the means to save the world.

Shadow Warrior: Often enough it has been his fate to codetermine the destiny of Eo. And again his actions are closely tied to the future of the whole world.

For more information, go to http://spellforce.com/

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