Forsaken World: Quests and Events

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It’s possible to progress your character in a variety of ways in Forsaken World.  However, participating in events and doing quests can reward you with more than just experience!


Forsaken World is home to a system of events that occur on a daily basis.  You can view the rotation of these events by hitting the "U" key while in-game.  This will bring up a menu that shows which events is currently active, as well as a schedule of all upcoming events for the day.  Plan ahead, and you can easily make it to every one!

Besides events, quests are a constant option available to players wishing to keep up in their character levels.  You can find any quest currently available to you by opening your quest menu with the "Q" key, and then clicking on the "find quest" button in the upper left hand corner. 

Select from the list which quest you’d like to begin, and then auto path to the corresponding NPC that is listed at the bottom of the quest description.  You’ll run straight to the NPC, where you can then begin the quest.  With this system, you should never be confused about where to go or what to do next - because it’s all mapped out for you in advance!

Don’t worry if you miss events or quests, because you’ll easily be able to do them later - sometimes even during the same day!  Make good use of the event calendar by using the "U" key, as well as the available quest list, and you’ll be hitting the level cap in no time.

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