Now FREE to Play: Pirates of the Burning Sea

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Flying Lab Software is excited to announce that its critically acclaimed Massively Multiplayer Online Game Pirates of the Burning Sea is now free-to-play! With its beautiful graphics and immersive gameplay, would-be swashbucklers can strap on their swords and hit the high seas for free in this bold adventure of piracy and plunder, where the seas are teeming with new captains ready for battle.Pirates of the Burning Seas

Set against the backdrop of the New World of the 18th century, players can choose one of three nations — England, France or Spain — or choose the role of a Pirate to battle it out for power and prestige.  Premium content is available for purchase at the in-game store, Treasure Aisle, or through a Captain’s Club membership.  

Captain’s Club memberships are available for US $14.99 per month (plus applicable taxes), and offer exciting benefits. Captain’s Club members receive more character slots, a 20% discount from the Treasure Aisle, automatic access to premium content, 10% bonus to experience and loot, automatic ship insurance, plus a variety of other exciting account perks.

New content available for purchase in the Treasure Aisle store include:

  •  Lieutenant Commissions – NPC allies that can accompany you on your missions and fight by your side!
  •  Pets – Animal companions that follow your on your adventures. These include a monkey, a pig, a scorpion, and a chicken!
  • Treasure Hunts – Can you follow the map to find the buried treasure? X marks the spot!
  •  Account upgrades, buffs, clothing, and more!

 For more info visit this page.

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