XBLIG Zombie Accountant Launched

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Going Loud Studios is proud to announce that its debut action side-scroller game “Zombie Accountant” is now available on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace. Download it today for just 80 Microsoft Points.

In 2010, a terrifying zombie outbreak threatens to consume humanity and you fall victim to the undead curse, doomed to hunger for human flesh. In a startling turn of events, the army actually manages to contain and eliminate the threat. Life quickly returns to normal.

Except you’re still a zombie. And it’s tax season.

Complete tax returns as fast as possible without eating your coworkers! With any luck, you can still make it to zombie partner.


  • Run to the right! With increasing speed!
  • Dodge your coworkers and collect tax returns to increase your multiplier and achieve a high score
  • Rise through 8 ranks on your way to becoming zombie Partner
  • Wonder if a zombie working for a corporation is symbolic!

It doesn’t really look all that good, but looks could be deceiving.

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