Warp Portal MMO Holiday Events List

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Warp Portal has several MMOs and it looks like they’ll all have some sort of holiday event, so here’s the list of what’s coming up in Dragon Saga, Mementor Mori, Ragnarok and Rose online,

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and what can Santa Kafra bring to all the heroes of Rune Midgard? For starters a huge "Christmas Extravaganza" starting on the 16th of December and ending January 6th, with weddings and intrigue and some new Holiday quests to enjoy! Of course the Kafra gals won’t be outdone this year either and will show off some new commodities for their loyal fans.

Thinking of fun new Christmas gifts, how about a Playspan event, redeem an Ultimate Game Card on WarpPortal for WP Energy and receive a Parade Hat as a free gift!

Renewal brings a new way of playing Ragnarok, such as new 3rd Classes with unprecedented strength, a raised level cap of 150, and the challenges they must face from the evolved monsters! The Eden Group will help you by giving small quests to help guide your path to power and cute headgears. And of course the sought after MVPs are buffed up and more rewarding than ever, so get a party and hunt, or go to Endless Tower to challenge your way to the Top!

As the Holidays approaches in the world of Dragon Saga, celebrate the Holidays with your friends by participating in the Christmas Balloon Party event Receive special alphabet balloons and party up with your friends to spell out fun words. Try to find the special words to receive fun party buffs as you and your friend’s race to the new level cap 70! The event begins on the 22nd of December until the 31st of December. Want to send your friends Item Mall gifts for Christmas or reach level 70 a little faster? Then you should take advantage of the Item Mall points event starting December 6th! Convert your WP energy to Item Mall Points and receive 20% more Item Mall points!

Following November’s Paris Strikes Back update that included 4th jobs, Van Cliff dungeon , and the opening of Battlesquare, the 3rd PSB content release comes to the world of Dragon Saga on December 17th. The last installment of PSB content feature level 70 increase, opening of Emporia, Big Wheel, MyHome, and Wedding System

Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is upon us once again and the people of Ethergia are preparing a special Ethergian Christmas. Requiem: Memento Mori will be celebrating starting December 16th, 2010 until January 6th 2011.

Beginning, strange decorated trees have began to pop up in major cities all across Ethergia. Rumors suggest that if you visit these strange trees during certain times of the day, a Temperion is blessed with great power, but only temporarily. These decorated trees are not the only strange occurrence during this time of year, reports of monsters dropping strange items that help buff and heal Temperions. Along with these items, special temporary Holiday Costumes can be found among the loot recovered fromthe monsters of Ethergia.

Quests, Quests, and more Quests

The Developers have been working hard on creating new quests. In the last few months over 60 new quests (ranging between level 40-55) have been added and many more to come over the next few months!

Orlo Part 2 is coming in December XX and many Residents of the Orlo are taking are taking arms in preparation. Here is a little backstory to give you a taste of what is to come…

The Powerless Queen:

Broken Hierarchy Alana, the current Pharaoh Queen of Orlo at the tender age of sixteen years old struggles to maintain the balance of power within the closed doors of the ancient center of economic prosperity, the Desert city of Muris. With the Ministry in ruins and the Viziers working against her, who else can she turn to other than the Visitors who have ventured into the planet using the mysterious power of the Orlean Portal.

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