New Bravia Has Built-in Playstation 2

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Sony’s new 22-inch Bravia, the KDL-22PX300 has need released and has a disc slot for Playstation 2 games.

The 720p HD-capable television will play the PS2 games in their original standard def. graphics and features 3 USB, 4 HDMI, a SCART, PC display and component input. Also featured is Freeview and two Ethernet ports for online access to YouTube, BBC iPlayer and LoveFilm.Bravia PS2 TV image from CNET UK

The television is available now for £199.99

The question remains, why? What do we need a 10-year-old console slapped willy-nilly into a small 22" television? Are they aiming to boost PS2 game sales?

I’m wondering when we’ll get a PSOne toaster or fridge or maybe a microwave so you can play a game while you heat up your Hot Pocket.

I can’t even see a reason to use it as a standard PC monitor.

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