Add Voice Control to PC Games with New Dragon Gaming Speech Pack

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Nuance Communications today introduced the Dragon Gaming Speech Pack, highly advanced speech recognition designed to transform PC game play. Developed  to make gaming more exciting, realistic and competitive, Dragon Gaming Speech Pack allows PC gamers to speak their actions in several of today’s most popular games, including Call of Duty Black Ops, World of Warcraft, Second Life, Pacific Poker and MS Flight Simulator. With voice control, gamers can perform auxiliary commands while continuing to control the primary game action with the mouse, keyboard, or controller.

Though PC games have become more realistic as graphics and processing power have improved, gamers are still restricted by keyboard and hardware controls for game play. The Dragon Gaming Speech Pack, based on the award-winning Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software, allows gamers to interact with their favorite PC games by voice, adding to the realistic gaming experience. Gamers can move, reload, jump, open doors, flee, and more – all by voice. 

Dragon Gaming Speech Pack eliminates the need for gamers to remember complex keystrokes, making game play faster, more fun and more intuitive. Using speech during intense game play enables gamers to concentrate on strategy, while simplifying control of essential commands. Depending on the game being played, controlling many essential maneuvers by voice – including ‘crouch,’ ‘take cover,’ ‘equip,’ ‘team chat,’ ‘climb  in,’ ‘fold,’ ‘bet,’ ‘up the ante,’ or ‘reset current flight’ – means no time is lost on action commands that might make the difference between winning or losing a game, resulting in a more intense and interactive game play experience. Developed in conjunction with VoxEnable, voice command sets give gamers a competitive advantage, elevating their gaming skills to the next level at the speed of thought, whether playing strategic battle games, exploring virtual worlds, flying a plane or playing poker.

Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager, Dragon, Nuance. “Given the real-world environment the games create, using something as natural as speech recognition creates a truly immersive experience for gamers. Using speech is far easier than learning multiple keystrokes, resulting in intuitive, quicker and more competitive game play.”

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is already highly popular with medical, legal and education professionals, students, writers and bloggers. People in all walks of life use Dragon to invest more of their energy working and creating, rather than clicking and typing. Dragon gives everyone a voice to perform almost any task on the computer to create documents, send emails, surf the internet, and interact with their favorite applications – at speeds of up to three times faster than typing.

Pricing and Availability

Dragon Gaming Speech Pack includes Dragon Home as well as gaming commands for up to three games. Users receive all of the benefits of desktop speech recognition along with the ability to command and control many of today’s favorite games. The Dragon Gaming Speech Pack can be used to speech-enable any three of the following games: Call of Duty, Mass Effect 2, Medal of Honor, MS Flight Simulator X, Pacific Poker, Second Life, Tom Clancy Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Convictions, Warhammer, World Of Warcraft, and more.The Dragon Gaming Speech Pack is available immediately from Nuance at [SRP: $129.99, special introductory offer: $74.99].

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