Occupations System Spotlight in Forsaken World

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Spotlight – Occupation System

Occupations on Forsaken World are a great opportunity to both craft useful things for your character, as well as make a good amount of money on the side!

You can craft your own potions and food, learn how to fish, become an adept socialite that gains access to hidden quests, see the future through the use of astrology, and even craft your own weapons and armor!

Overall, there are a total of 14 occupations available to any character. Several of these are automatically acquired through leveling up, with the remainder being occupations that you must pick and choose yourself.  Occupations that are available automatically will say so on their information popup.

In order to learn occupations that are not automatically unlocked, you must first gain Job Points by completing the main quest line sections. Completing a main quest line section will grant you one job point, at which point you are able to unlock an occupation of your choice.

Forsaken World PictureCarefully planning how you spend your job points will help you out immensely in the future!  Ultimately, you will not be able to take every single profession available.  Make sure you choose the professions that you are most interested in, and also the ones that you feel will be most helpful for your class or playstyle.

The occupation system is just one of many different ways for Forsaken World characters to customize their abilities in a unique way.  Team up with your friends to make sure that no base is left uncovered!

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