Dragons Unleashed on MapleStory Europe

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Players of the fantastic free-to-play MMO MapleStory Europe have enjoyed regular and excellent gaming updates courtesy of creators Nexon; this tradition will be continued on this Wednesday, the 15th of December, with the release of a plethora of new content, including a long awaited new job class! Not only that, Nexon is also about to host a wide array of fantastic events, delivering everything players desire for a very merry Maple Christmas!

Evan the Dragon MasterMaplestory logo

Finally players are able to apply for a brand new job class: Dragon Master. Command Evan the Dragon Master and his fierce lizard friend, to face the countless challenges of MapleStory Europe. To begin with, Evan is just an ordinary farm boy who discovers a dragon egg deep in the woods, but that is just the beginning of an epic adventure to become one of the mightiest heroes in the realms of Maple World. On his way to defeating the menace of the Dark Mage, Evan must first tame the dragon to fully exploit its powers. In doing that Evan then learns several skills that unleash the powers of his flying friend, thusly allowing him to destroy whatever may stand in his way on his quest to defeat the Dark Mage.

Learning to fly

Right before Christmas, Nexon is to unlock the new quest series “Dragon Rider”, and is calling for heroes to save Maple World. Anyone above level 100 can answer the call and fight their way through this newest addition to the fantastic journey offered in MapleStory Europe. The challenge is tough, but the victorious are awarded with the greatest of all gifts – the ability to fly! Once obtained, you will finally be ready for the final mission to this quest series – the defeat of Dragonir himself and his force of Evil Dragons.

Merry, Maple Christmas!

Right in time for the Christmas festivities, Nexon is set to reveal several grand events for the upcoming season. Players can decorate their own Christmas tree, join the grand Christmas dinner, challenge the “Mulung Dojo” in the Christmas spirit, make their yearly visit to “Happyville”, and rush into battle against special Christmas monsters! In other words, expect a whole heap of Christmas throughout MapleStory Europe in the near future, all perfectly suited for whiling away those cold winter nights.

A special website solely dedicated to the brand new Dragon Master can be viewed at http://image.mapleeurope.com/promotion/v66/en/index.html

For more information on MapleStory Europe, visit http://eu.maplestory.nexoneu.com/ or the official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/maplestoryeurope.

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