Monopoly Streets Gets DLC with Ridiculous Pricing

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A dollar just for a new token? That seems like a total EA download content scam.

Now available on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network, newly released downloadable content for MONOPOLY Streets brings the MONOPOLY experience to life in more ways than ever!  Aspiring property magnates can now add even more dimension to their MONOPOLY Streets games with:

  • Stratosphere City Board -- Experience a futuristic floating metropolis in this new City location for MONOPOLY Streets. (560 MSP/$6.99 PSN)
  • Championship Board-- The 2009 MONOPOLY World Championships were held in Las Vegas and this board recreates the look and excitement of that setting, so you too can feel like a MONOPOLY champion! (240 MSP/ $2.99PSN)
  • Horse and Rider Token-- This friendly Jockey carries a trophy of his favorite race horse as he travels through MONOPOLY Streets.  (80 MSP/$0.99 PSN)
  • Rocking Horse Token-- This young lady is a trained equestrian rider that loves to gallop on her Rocking Horse throughout MONOPOLY Streets. (80 MSP/$0.99 PSN)
  • Cannon Token-- This soldier vigilantly marches through MONOPOLY Streets and brings his trusty cannon everywhere he goes. (80 MSP/$0.99 PSN)

Seriously, you can get an entire Xbox LIVE Indie Game for a dollar. Also, look at the radically different pricing on the new boards. $7 and $3 respectively. I can’t even see serious diehard Monopoly fans dropping that sort of loot for a different board that seems to offer no added gameplay whatsoever except for visuals.

This seems to be a complete money grab by EA, nothing more and nothing less. I can’t believe that Hasbro would actually be involved in this. Corporate greed is starting to run rampant. They must be trying to do what? Pad the bottom line before the end of the year?

Gamers should be offended by this.

If you want to use some of those Microsoft points you have stored up on something interesting, check out the XBLIG Winter Uprising which is offering 14 games, most for a buck each (80MSP). That seems a far better use of your money.

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