52% of Tablet PC Owners Game, Smartphones Taking over PSP/DS Territory

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The numbers are on from Interpret LLC’s New Media Measure and it turns out that tablets rock for gaming. Over half of tablet owners said they game on their new windows into the virtual world.

The study finds that over half (52%) of tablet owners, including the iPad, are playing games on their device.  Gaming is the second most popular activity on these devices, behind only surfing the Internet (58%).  Furthermore, active gamers are more likely than the average consumer to plan on purchasing an iPad or other tablet in the next three months.

In fact even I’m looking at purchasing two (Android and iPad) for review purposes when I get to CES in January.Interpret New Media Measure Logo

Interpret also recently reported that people are dumping their PSP’s and DS’s in lieu of smartphones.

43.8% of the phone/DS/PSP gaming market plays games on phones—a significant 53.2% increase over the past year—while the proportion of those who play on the DS or PSP has fallen by 13%.

Gamers appear to be defecting from their handheld gaming devices to phones to get their gaming kicks: a full 27.2% of consumers who indicate that they play games on their phones only (and not on the DS/PSP) actually own a DS or PSP, but do not actively use the device(s).

“The proliferation of highly multifunctional smartphones and messaging phones is a very real threat to the dominance by the DS and PSP of the handheld gaming market,” said Courtney Johnson, Manager of Research and Analysis at Interpret. “Devices which satisfy a variety of entertainment and utility needs are fast outstripping single-function devices as consumer favorites.”

New Media Measure is Interpret LLC’s proprietary, quarterly survey of media behaviors, device ownership, attitudes and product consumption. New Media Measure supplies the means to better measure and keep track of fast-changing consumer behaviors. New Media Measure™ surveys 9,000 consumers aged 12-65, representative of the U.S. population and weighted to U.S. Census. Data collected includes: demographics, psychographics, brand consumption, traditional media consumption, online and social networking, mobile phone, video gaming, and digital entertainment. Data is available via Interface, a web-accessible, interactive analysis tool, through Intrend, quarterly trend reports, and through Interpretations, monthly whitepapers written by Interpret analysts.

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