EVE Online: Incursion 1.0.1 deployed and more info about 1.1

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The second part of the staged deployment of EVE Online: Incursion 1.0.1 includes changes to the neural remap window, but more importantly it included two holiday treats for players: The Demise of Learning Skills and the Echelon ship.Eve Online Logo

The learning skills change comes at the end of an age-old debate about the necessity of learning skills. A quick intro to EVE’s unique “real-time, no-grind” skill progression system is here, which you should familiarize yourself with if you aren’t already in the know.  Learning skills were essentially good long-term investments, as training them at the beginning of a character’s life would assure quicker skill training throughout their career for all other skills. In essence this was learning to get better at learning. However, it was a serious investment of months of time to max them out.

The Echelon ship, complete with a unique hacking module, has been awarded to each paying account and may be of use later on in Incursion. It’s available for redemption between today and January 3.

Into the future…

…mid-January will see Incursion 1.1, and a week later the Sansha’s invasion of EVE’s universe. A full list of features remaining in Incursion is here.

First, the new Character Creator is guaranteed to bring back the wonder of your childhood and mix it with the appreciation of technology and art that you have honed as an adult. It is unsurpassed in MMOs and will be releasing with Incursion 1.1 as a teaser for what we’re up to next year with EVE Online: Incarna.

And of course, the feature for which the expansion took its name. Sansha’s Nation invades a week after 1.1, bringing large group PVE to EVE’s sandbox game. Amazingly tough enemies, new AI, system effects, unique battles and impressive rewards. This is EVE’s version of raid content, but it doesn’t exist in an instance, so who knows what player pirates might be waiting just a jump out…

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