GunZ: The Duel Embraces the Cold with the 2010 Winter Festival Event

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Just in time for the holidays, GunZ: The Duel,’s fast and frenetic multiplayer online third-person shooter (MOTPS), received a major update, which introduced new weapons, armor and gameplay content. Throughout December, players can participate in the 2010 Winter Festival, which is a series of events the Emperor is hosting to celebrate the people of Astra.GunZ Picture

The events include:

  • The Coliseum: Players can sign-up to be a gladiator and track their GunZ statistics throughout December. Players with most kills, least amount of deaths, and longest play-time will receive premium in-game items.
  • The Gimme Tree: During the Winter Festival, players who purchase any regular in-game item, gift one Rare item and gift one "Item of the Day" will receive 30 free G Coin
  • Clan Tournament and Bracket Pick’em Event: Players who are not competing in the Winter Festival Clan Tournament can still join in the fun by picking who they think will win each match. Players who get a Perfect Bracket at the end of the tournament are eligible to win premium in-games items and up to $100 in G Coins

 In addition to the Winter Festival, GunZ’s latest update introduced multiple new items and content, including:

  • Crusader Set: Designed by a member of the GunZ community, this armor is worn by those who dedicated themselves as Knights and offers Health Point (HP) and Armor Point (AP) bonuses
  • Judgment Pistol X2: As the pistol of the Axium Empire Knight, this ranged weapon protects those who use it by offering an AP bonus
  • Weapon Shop Map: These never before seen barracks are stocked with the Emperor’s favorite weaponry.  This is where his majesty will observe the GunZ Gladiators fight to the death in the 2010 Winter Festival

For more information on the exciting GunZ: The Duel content update, gamers can visit this page.

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