40% of Internet Users Play Casual Games Says Spil

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SPIL GAMES today released its 2010 State of Gaming Report, based on data from comScore and analysis of the company’s own 130 million monthly active unique users. This report shows that online casual gaming has gone mass market: according to comScore, 1.3 billion people are on the Internet, and 510 million of them are playing online games. Spil Games Logo

In 2010, the consumer appetite for casual online gaming was also evident on SPIL GAMES’ channels, which include games.co.uk, girlsgogames.co.uk, and agame.com . The game sites averaged 400 million gameplays a month, or more than 150 new gameplays every second.  Additionally, two times as many individuals worldwide play online casual games on SPIL GAMES’ channels  than bought a gaming console in 2010.*

More highlights from the 2010 State of Gaming Report by SPIL GAMES include:  

  • Globally, the most popular game categories varied between girls, teen boys, and women:
  Girls Teen Boys Women
1. Make over Racing Quiz
2. Hairdresser Sports Puzzle
3. Horse Action Time Management


  • The most popular game categories with Europeans are racing and skill, whereas Americans love to get daily advice: daily quizzes are by far the most popular games in the States. 
  • Women like to take time for themselves, with puzzles and time-management games dominating their playing behaviour, and they like games that save their progress for the next session of play.
  • Competition, achievement, control, and showing off dominate the playing behaviour of teen boys. They also want to be able to communicate with each other when playing games online.
  • Daily quizzes that offer advice on style and clothing dominate girls’ playing behaviour. 
  • Girls love to talk: users left 10,000,000 comments on all GirlsGoGames sites. Italian girls leave the most comments, followed by Dutch, Spanish-speaking, Russian, and American girls, in that order.
  • In total SPIL GAMES sites had 5 billion game plays in 2010.
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