TRON Downloadable Content Map Pack Announced

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TRON: Legacy opened as the No. 1 film at the box office this past weekend and the TRON: Evolution video game Grid will expand soon for online multiplayer users.

TRON: Evolution, the popular video game that takes place before the “TRON: Legacy” film, will include a downloadable content pack featuring five new premium multiplayer maps.  The TRON: Evolution downloadable multiplayer map pack is scheduled to be available in the coming weeks for download on the Xbox 360, Games For Windows – LIVE and PlayStation 3. 

The pack includes the following five maps:

  • Skyline:  On the upper echelons of TRON City, combatants deftly navigate massive gaps among rooftops while battling.
  • Spires:  A Nexus Stream maintenance spire hangs precariously under the expanse of Arjia City.  Vertical mobility is the key to survive.
  • Classic:  The first-generation game grid meets the next generation of grid combatants.
  • Relic:  A legacy of the past, the original game grid is slowly being eaten away by the Outlands.
  • Drydock:  In a highly secure part of the Grid, Clu’s Regulator is nearing the final phases of its construction.

Details of the price and release date will be disclosed at another time.

The game includes four multiplayer maps and two more are available as free downloadable content via a one-time-use code found in every retail case. 

The currently available free downloadable content also includes a Sam Flynn multiplayer skin.

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