GameWire: Softkinetic and TransGaming Bring Gesture-based Gaming to GameTree TV

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Softkinetic, the leading 3D gesture recognition software and solution provider, and TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), today announced their collaboration to bring gesture-based video games to TransGaming’s on-demand gaming platform, GameTree TV. TransGaming’s video game enablement technology, combined with Softkinetic’s iisu (“The Interface is You”) gesture recognition software, provides consumers with an innovative experience previously only available on specialized video game consoles. The integration of iisu with the GameTree TV SDK toolkit will provide game developers the ability to create and distribute their interactive gesture-controlled content through the GameTree TV Platform, reaching a global audience of millions. This new gesture-based solution will be demonstrated at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from January 6–9 in Las Vegas, USA.The Interface is You Picture

The GameTree TV Platform is the premier on-demand video game solution for consumers, optimized for the next generation of set-top boxes and connected consumer electronics (CE) devices. GameTree TV delivers a comprehensive catalog of video games to consumers right in the comfort of their living rooms through a variety of flexible transaction and pricing models. The availability of gesture-based games will allow GameTree TV customers to enjoy an unparalleled interactive gaming experience through their next generation set-top box or CE devices, without the need to invest in a dedicated gaming system. GameTree TV is the only next generation on-demand video game platform for set-top boxes and connected CE devices to feature gesture-based video game capabilities.

In addition to the compelling value add for consumers that gesture-based games offer, Managed Service Operators and CE device manufacturers (OEMs) can enhance their overall entertainment portfolio with the addition of GameTree TV. The Platform offers MSOs and OEMs new revenue streams that strengthen their consumer value proposition by catering to the broad family demographics represented in their customer base and improves the marketability of their product.

Iisu is the de facto standard in gesture recognition middleware, with over seven years of research and development behind its creation. Compatible with Adobe Flash, Unity 3D and 3DVIA Virtools development environments, its uses include video game projects as well as many other non-gaming markets including fitness, senior rehabilitation and e-learning. The versatile nature of iisu makes it highly compelling for developers interested in multi-platform compatibility (e.g., PC, console, set-top boxes) that allows apps to be released on Windows or Linux.

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