Nintendo: 1.5M 3DS to Ship in Japan for Launch, No Need to Worry About Shortages

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Nintendo has announced that it plans to ship 1.5 million Nintendo 3DS for opening month in Japan. The new glassesless 3D portable gaming console is set to release on February 26th and over the first month of launch that number of consoles will hit the market.

"It’s important that we ensure a continuous supply," Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said to the Nikkei, the Japanese stock exchange.Nintendo 3DS logo

They don’t want what happened to previous DS units to happen to this one so they have ramped up production to make sure that there is enough supply for the expected demand.

March will see the launch of the handheld in the US and Europe and Nintendo is expecting to sell 4 million total units by end of March.

Nintendo is also looking at potentially expanding the availability of the 3DS to other markets in Asia as well depending on availability and economic factors.


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