Games Driving Nokia Ovi Store Sales

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Download trends from Nokia’s Ovi Store show that premium games are booming on Nokia’s new Symbian smartphone family – including the Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 – with games accounting for 62 percent of all purchases. *

Need for Speed Shift HD tops the list of most-downloaded games, followed by Angry Birds Lite and Marble Maze Classic.**  Topping the list of most downloaded paid games is the full version of Rovio’s  Angry Birds, followed by a host of games that take advantage of the HD touchscreen on smartphones like the Nokia N8, including Tetris HD, The Sims 3 HDGT Racing: Motor Acadamy HD and James Cameron’s Avatar HD.                                              

  • Premium games are driving Ovi Store purchases, as 62 percent of all paid downloads are games – driven by arcade games such as Rovio’s Angry Birds
  • People in the UK are the biggest mobile gamers, accounting for 13.3 percent of all game downloads on new Symbian devices.*** This is followed by India (10 percent), Italy (7.7 percent), Germany (6.6 percent), China (5.5 percent) and Russia (5.2 percent) 
  • Need for Speed Shift HD is the most downloaded game on the new Symbian devices, followed by Angry Birds Lite,  Marble Maze Classic and Galaxy On Fire. The full version of Rovio’s Angry Birds is also the top downloaded paid game on Ovi Store 
  • The most downloaded game category is Arcade, followed by Action, Puzzle, Sports and Strategy




1.       Need for Speed Shift HD

2.       Angry Birds Lite

3.       Marble Maze Classic

4.       Galaxy On Fire

5.       Skiller WallBall

6.       KORa Deluxe

7.       Bounce Boing Battle

8.       Cube Touch XXL

9.       Air Hockey Touch – Free  

10.   Soccer Bounce





Top countries for game downloads on new Symbian devices (based on the percentage of total game downloads from Ovi Store)


13.3 percent


10 percent


7.7 percent


6.6 percent


5.5 percent


5.2 percent


“The statistics show that game downloads are thriving on Nokia’s new Symbian smartphones – and people are willing to pay for them. In such a competitive market, it’s great to see that people value smartphones like the Nokia N8, with its outstanding HD screen, as a viable alternative to handheld game consoles. The true online multi-player functionality of these devices means that people can put their skills to the test and log on to challenge others, further enhancing the gaming experience,” said Tero Ojanperä, executive vice president, Services, Nokia.

Nokia recently said that Ovi Store is seeing 3.5 million downloads per day, and across 190 markets games represent the top paid downloads in the store. Ovi also includes a host of other apps and services, including maps, music and messaging.

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