Skylight – Turn-based RPG That Uses FPS Items and Elements

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Dragoon Entertainment: Dragoon’s second independent role-playing game, Skylight, has just been released for the PC.

Skylight is a story-driven role-playing game that uses first-person shooter items and elements in its turn-based, isometric battles; for example, Skylight Pictureshotguns, riot shields, flamethrowers and rocket launchers, among others, are used in place of swords and magic, and they play different strategic roles in battle. Shotguns deal more damage at close range, rifles do more damage further away, fists do increasingly more damage with each attack (in the form of combos), etc. Later in the game, exploding barrels can be found and chained mid-battle.

Skylight’s story initially takes place in the year 2023 in Canada, and the story itself spans several years. The playable characters are typically law enforcement officers who face off against both criminals and humans-turned-monsters (as the result of the man-made biotech-heavy Skylight Symbiote, which is gradually altered by scientists and slowly becomes more widespread across the country as the story progresses).

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