GamesAid Raises £291K in 2010, Sets Sites Higher for 2011

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Hey UK Games Industry (and the rest of the world I suppose), if you’re not already involved in GamesAid, you might take a look and think about doing so. You’ll need to signup to attend these events, I think.

Last year was an amazing year for GamesAid – where the games industry helped to raise £291,552.24. There will be loads happening this year much of it in the planning stage.GamesAid Logo

There are 2 new ‘sporting’ events already being planned by  GamesAid Ambassadors, David Walker, Graeme Struthers and Mark Ward and it would be great if you thought about getting involved – it’s really easy and is always very social:-

The GamesAid Darts Evening

Sharpen your ‘arras for the first ever GamesAid Darts Evening.  We have found a suitable venue at a pub in Farringdon, London that is free on Wednesday evenings during February and March, so we’d like to get an idea of numbers so that we can confirm how many dartboards we will need on the night.  Once we have some rough numbers we’ll book the venue.

  • The idea is for everyone to have a bit of fun, so experience or skill is definitely not a pre-requisite.  The plan is to have a doubles competition so the not-so-confident players can team up with those who claim to know their 180’s from their Shanghais.  The first stages will be on a round robin format so that everyone gets good go and is not limited to just one game each.
  • We’ll encourage you to come in appropriate darting attire, so the more ill-fitting polyester the better.  The one thing that will be compulsory is walk on music, so start thinking about what tune you’ll want to make your entrance to!
  • To cost for the chance of darting immortality is only £20, your opportunity to become the Games Industry equivalent of Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor or Marftin ‘Wolfie’ Adams for the year.


The GamesAid Charity Poker Tournament at Develop Tuesday 19th July 2011 – sponsored by Relentless Software

The 6th GamesAid Charity Poker Tournament will take place from 7.30pm on the evening of Tuesday 19th July 2011 at The Grosvenor Casino, Brighton Seafront.

To take part and guarantee a place, kindly register your £50 buy in at

I wish I had plans to be in the UK in February or March, I’d love to shoot the bull with the industry there. Maybe I can swing a special trip just for a darts night.

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