Sony Set to Unveil PSP2 and Touch-screen Smartphone Says Bloomberg

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Bloomberg reports that Sony is set to pull the curtain back on its updated PSP January 27th, exactly two months before rival Nintendo will launch its Nintendo 3DS in the US.

Part of the Sony announcement is expected to be the ability to share content across all manner of Sony connected devices. From what I saw at CES this is their new strategy, content sharing across a wide range of new products including Bravia TVs, Vaio F-series laptops, Playstation devices (PS3, PSP, PSP2, PS phone?, Experia). Even their Qriocity music service is set to hit the PSP later in 2011.

Mobile World Congress is to be the place where announcements and first showings will take place that are to include a touch-screen smartphone from Sony Ericsson says the Bloomberg source. Is that to be the much rumored Playstation phone?

Patrick Seybold, a Sony spokesman, declined to say whether the Jan. 27 briefing will include the announcement of a new portable product.


Major questions surrounding the new iteration of the PSP include what sort of storage media will it use. Doubtful is a return to the UMD discs which never quite caught on (and were generally noisy anyway). More likely is either onboard static storage or that combined with some sort of memory card slot.

Other speculation has been in regards to connectivity, display (will there be 3D? Sony showed off glassesless 3D on a 24.5" OLED at CES 2011) and controls.

Microsoft is already ahead of Sony in regards to tying its new Window Mobile Phone 7 handsets into its LIVE gaming platform with games already becoming available across a single LIVE login. I can definitely see Sony heading in the same direction as they are already working to do that with services like Qriocity which will hook into Sony connected devices like PS3, TV, PC and Blu-Ray players.

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